Nelida  Karr was Born and raised in Malabo the capital of Equato-Guinean, she is known to be the "contemporary revelation of Equatoguinean music" and the voice of the new generation of Equatoguinean musicians that creates a great cultural and international impact on the present-day Equatorial Guinean music industry. This soulful singer, songwriter, producer and multi-instrumentalist and winner of many awards, has move in to enrich the world music scene with her undeniable talent and exciting eclectic musical tunes of her singing and the hypnosis of her rhythms amongst her traditional roots and world music.

Surrounded by a family of artists, Nelida is the daughter of producer Samuel Karr and singer Domitila Rosario. Drinking from the various musical sources of her culture, it is not surprising that some sounds from Spain were a persistent in her infancy. But beyond the Spanish cultural heritage, the roots of Nélida's music are found in African, Equatorial Guinea.

She classifies her music as "Afro-Fusion" suffused with the many influences she assimilated while growing up in Malabo the capital city of Africa’s only Spanish speaking country, Equatorial Guinea. Her sound is  an eclectic mix of the music of the Bubi ethnic group and Equatoguinean rhythms like Katya, kotto, bonko, mokom and antonobe, as well as jazz, blues, Spanish and Latin music that she nevertheless incorporates into a sound all her own.

She recorded the first of her three albums to date in 2010 at the age of 20. After the release of her second album “Batobiera” (2013), she had a tour in Colombia organized by the Alliance Frances Colombia and was nominated for various awards giving her the opportunity to reached a sweet spot in the new pool of emerging talents in Africa. She is currently self-producing her new album which will be released in October 2018..

At 17 years old, Nelida Karr won the first prize in 2007 of the Song Contest of the Spanish Cultural Center awarded in Malabo. 2013, nominated among the ten best finalists of the RFI Découvert 2013 finalist prizes, won the first place, the winner of the Polyglot prize of the 6 people to watch out for in Central Africa in 2014 from "The African Report Magazine", named the new voice of Equatorial Guinea by the magazine El Mundo in Spain. In 2016, nominated the most promising female artist in Africa of the Kora Awards. 2016 winner of the best national female artist in Equatorial Guinea Jon Cham Media Awards.

The singer and performer is also the founder of "MOSART", a free school of music and art, a non-profit organization in Equatorial Guinea with the purpose of helping children and young Equatoguineans to discover, learn and develop their talents in the area of ​​music and the arts.

Early in 2018, she won the first prize of the Spain and Equatorial Guinea 'vis a vis' talent promotional festival, which led to a successful tour in Spain, where she graced some of the largest Spanish world music festival stages with her exuberant talent with diverse musical synergies both vocal and instrumental dexterity. Nelida is selected to perform on the WOMEX 18 showcase to showcase her talent and music, and open up to more opportunities for her music.

She is an incredible artist that will raise your expectations to the maximum with an exuberant demonstration of powerful vocals and stage control that at the moment will make you remember the great divas of soul & jazz, in the style of Aretha Franklin, or the great voice of Ella Fitzgerald .          Nelida Karr a discovery of the type that you will want to listen again!

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