MOSART #freemusiceducation 

MOSART (Música Ondas Sonoras y Arte)


​MOSART is non-profit school created with the purpose of helping children and youth to develop their musical and artistic skills. Our main concern is to explore, educate, and improve the musical and artistic skills of children and youths in Equatorial Guinea.  Creating workshops, courses and activities in the area of ​​music that keep young talented people active in the field of art discover the potential of children and young people of Equatorial Guinea.


Our objective is…

  • To provide a creative musical education for the children and youths

  • Use music as a tool to engage the youths in beneficial activities like playing instrument singing, song writing and prevent them from juvenile delinquencies

  • Introduce and encourage them to work on a standard musical educational curriculum since there’s no musical education in public schools.

  • Encourage youths to embrace the culture and arts using music as a point of view.

  • There are many young people with a lot of talent, and we want to work with them to improve their creative part, so that they can also discover and earn a living.

  • Discover and train talented children and young people with the ability, interest potential


​We believe that children and young people who are introduced early into music education and performing arts grow up to be versatile in various areas of life. Music is an excellent option for children and young people especially in the development of their perception, discipline, dedication and focused attention. Also the musical parameters, such as rhythm, timbre and melody, are connected - inherently - to the general development of children.


Music is considered as a very suitable tool to help with cognitive, emotional, social, psychological or physical problems because of the positive effects it has on the neurological, psychological, socio-emotional and physical aspects of youth development.


In addition, it is easier to teach certain behaviors to children through practice. When young people find it difficult to articulate or resolve internal or social conflicts, music offers excellent techniques to: contact, label, support, explore and express -verbal or not- certain emotions, behaviors, conflicts or thoughts. And that's why we created MOSART, a free music school, to help young people find the best way to express themselves.

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